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Shore Brand Media is a full-service, strategic result, advertising agency and production company. With over 20 years of marketing, management and production experience. Shore Brand Media fuses product branding with direct response campaigns to measurably improve results. Shore Brand Media is a leader in creating innovative offers that lift response. Shore Brand Media's award-winning creative and media teams have gained a national reputation for growing companies, and beating controls against the largest players in the country.
Shore Brand Media is a one-stop firm for new and established businesses. We have a wealth of experience in production, marketing, email marketing, media strategy, product development, post-production, and Internet marketing. Shore Brand Media strives to ensure that client partners get the most from direct response, email and other direct-to-consumer initiatives.

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We have a database of over 100 Million opt in proprietary consumer records. Our vast database allows us to find millions of new potential customers for your product or service. We then create your marketing materials: the eblast and the lander. Our proven techniques and know how, ensures maximum deliverability, and compliance.
We then test each offer to over 250,000 segmented known responders allowing maximum inbox penetration, ensuring future communications are delivered, and converted into potential new sales.
After the test we then embark on an ongoing Mass Email-campaign. With 150 million opt in email addresses at our disposal. We can deliver your message for many months.


Budget per product $6,500 plus a commission on sales Our one low initial fee includes; the production of several Eblast creatives, landing pages, programming, and integration to your shopping cart. We then undertake a test deployment to a minimum of 250,000 records. At the conclusion of the test we then provide all ongoing deployments. Then multiple deployments to build your brand awareness. You can also check the progress of your campaign with our dedicated client dashboard at any time.


Below are examples of who can benefit from this program.


Unsold Inventory

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to sell your excess inventory then our email-marketing platform might be right for you. Our simple marketing solution makes it easy. One low initial set up and programming fee, and then a commission on sales.

New Product Launch?

If you want to launch a new product then this is a perfect way to introduce your product to millions and millions of potential new customers. You could spend $50,000 or more creating and testing a commercial spot, or you could send a really well crafted email to millions of people, easy. One low initial set up and programming fee, and then a commission on sales.

Product Offer Testing?

If you have a product and you want to find out what offer will work best, there is no better way than with email. We can create up to four different variations on a product offer. Putting it together is easy, just give us your ideas we will come up with a concept and create your collateral. Easy yes?
One low initial set up and programming fee, and then a commission on sales.

Disappointing DRTV Project?

Have you been down the road of Direct Response Television, and then been disappointed with the results. Do you now find yourself sitting on inventory and don’t know what your next steps are. We can help. We can integrate your spot into a new lander and then drive a ton of traffic to your new site. No hidden costs, it couldn’t be easier, One low initial set up and programming fee, and then a commission on sales.

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